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This is Our Story!

Gather round' friends, gather round. I want to tell you a little story of how was born.

My name is Ian and this is my website.

Many years ago my best friend and I were sitting at our desk working hard as usual trying to answer the most persistent and common of questions.


What are we going to do tonight?

Tired of the same old answers; Let's get something to eat, let’s grab a drink or let’s head to the city. I decided to write down all the things that we could actually do and to our surprise their were a whole lot of choices.

We could go to a poetry club in Brooklyn, or hop on a New York City bus tour. We could go to an Escape Room in Long Island or we could head to a Gentleman's Club in the Bronx.


Before I knew it, I had written down over fifty choices and that was without going hard.

After about an hour or so, we figured out this was not just an Adrian and Ian problem, but a problem for all the people in the world.   


And at that moment I understood what I needed to do next.

I needed to answer the never-ending question of,

“What can a person do with their free time?”

With my eyes set on the prize, I set out to create a global directory for everything entertainment. Then I quickly realized that task was too big for a one man show. So instead, I scaled back my vision and began to focus on my home city of New York.

In those days, the road to starting a website business was long and hard. There was no, there was no Square Space or Shopify. There was no drag and drop systems. There was no easy way out!


Building a website took loads of time and lots of resources and back then all I had was a dollar and a dream.

I hired web developers, I hired web companies, I hired freelancers, I even tired outsourcing pieces of this puzzle, but my vision and their execution never seemed to line up.


It felt like was stuck in the mud and  would never make it out of first gear. Roadblocks, obstacles, disappointments, distractions, everything you could think of came my way but I was determined to materialize my dream.


I was determined to see this idea to the end.


It was in those moments of despair that I made my "life's calling decision." This website would be my all or nothing. So I gave up everything. I gave it everything! Even when it asked for my blood sweat and tears, I gave it all with only one exception.


The expectation that would give it back.

For the next few years, I became a working hermit. Car salesman by day, internet zombie by night. My life consisted less of living the experiences and more about researching the destination. 

And then one day my mind was blown with all the results I found. Narration events at local bookstores. Indoor skydiving, casinos, day cruises, martial arts. Yoga, fishing, archery and all of the international restaurant cuisines you could think of.

The website grew from categorizing entertainment activities into making shopping easier and then one day out of the blue, I realized the website's inner core started to shine brighter than anything that was put on paper.

It started to grow into something truly special. It started to take on a life of its own.

Her name is Kizzy Cartoon, and she is the voice of's marketing efforts to connect the internet to the real world.


She is our virtual host for the newest and coolest restaurant review system. Her goal is to help the community decide, "If this spot should be their next spot on their long list of spots to go."

And now here we stand. At the very beginning of a long road taken. Looking back I can only smile with a sigh of relief because I have a working website to be proud of.


 Looking forward I can only smile with a sigh of fearlessness because I know the road I've taken and I know what I had to do to accomplished each goal.


I know there will be more challenges to come and I know I'll still be smiling when each one of them are done.


I just hope you guys are still around for all

the awesomeness to come.

On a final note, I want to thank you guys so much for taking the time to read's origin story. I also want thank you for visiting our website and interacting with our community. 


To experience the full scope of the world, just visit our other social media channels located on the bottom of our homepage.


Give us a Like, Share, Comment and a Subscribe whenever you see the brand and if possible please visit our forum page called, Paradise City.,


We discuss the best restaurants for different situations. The best vacation destinations with all the must see attractions and my favorite topic of them all. "Futuristic concepts and products needed to build the city of our future."

With your help we will create the next chapter of our story.

Ian S. Hylton Jr. playing the guitar
New York City Helicopter Ride

- Twin Towers -

Thank you for going on this journey with us.

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