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About Us

Who are we?

Once upon a time we were a group of friends who did fun things and went fun places. Now we have kids, spouses and real responsibities that governs where we go and how long we stay. So in reality we are now more spectators of the sport. This website has become our escape from reality and our journey back to the earlier days of our freedom and random spontaneity. So let's just say our love for this website runs deep with appreciation for finding the coolest placest for you to enjoy. To us this is not a job but our joy. So from the bottom of our hearts we hope that you enjoy using this site just as much as we've enjoyed creating it. Please share our website's URL with your friends and family so everyone can reminise of the good ol' days. team pic from mexican restaurant.jpg

What do we do?

As a resource guide for better dating, we travel to different restaurants to interview couples about their dating experiences. Our aim is to find out their likes and dislikes, their prefences and the places they would choose above all others. We ask these questions so our viewers can get alternitive ideas before creating their verison of a perfect date. To view our Q and A sessions with random people just visit our YouTube page. When your there, don't forget to like and subsribe. =) As a search engine that specializes in entertainment activities. We've searched the Net to find it's hidden gems and sometimes that meant going to pages 32 and beyond on the major networks. The good news is that once these amazing websites are found, we compile and catergorize them so that their information can be accessed and displayed in a fun and interactive way. As an Adverstising Agency, we aim to help restaurants, e-commerce brands and social media influencers grow by giving them access to our advertising platforms.

What are we working on now?

Currently, there are many sections of our website that is under contruction and we are working extremly hard to complete each one as fast as we can. We decided to launch our website early so we could go through our Beta testing and correct each problem as they were easily more identifiable. For better clarity on what we are actually working on now, we have outlined them below. - We are updating our Discover NYC Restaurant section. (i.e. adding pictures, adding restaurants, checking for broken website links.) - We are adding more categories and high-end stores to the Internet Mall sections. - We are still developing the Book a Quick Getaway page. (this may take a while.) =\ - We are building out our social media channels. - We are building the mobile version to our site. - We are re-designing the application forms in the Business Center' section. - & We are working on Introducing the world to Kizzy Cartoon. is a massive project and we are doing our best to provide you with all the resources we have available now while simultaneously working on all the product offings to come. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please Like,Subscribe, Share, Comment and Post where ever you can. This really means alot to us. Enjoy the rest of our site.

What's coming next?

In Late 2024, we hope to roll out two more modules plus a whole lot of other goodies. All we need now is time, money and personnel.

What impress us?

As a resource guide for better dating, we absolutely love hearing stories about hotels and restaurants going above and beyond for their patreon's happiness. Over delivering, especially when it wasn't expected is something that makes our hearts smile. As a growing search engine in its early days, we see a lot of websites on a daily basis. I mean we see a whole lot. So when it comes to websites that impresses us, we look for certain features that make each website stand out. We look for websites that,.. - are interactive and Web 3 .0 - - have animated video backgrounds - - are creative with the UX design - - have high quality images - and - have an easy to use navigational interface - From the consumers point of view we look for seven things to impress us. - Clear Communication - - Great Customer Service - - Quality Made Products - - A Memorable User Experience - - A Wow Factor - and - A Smooth Check-Out Proccess -

What should you do next?

How about putting a smile on someone elses face. All you need to do is take them someplace new. Search through our Restaurant Directory and choose something random. Make it an experience and do it today.

A special thanx.

Before you leave our website and continue with the rest of your internet journey, we want to thank you for visiting and allowing us to serve you. We hope that we are able to answer all of your questions or at the very least, point you in the right direction. Stay tuned for the Awesomeness to come. Contact Us:

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