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Our main goal is to help couples upgrade their dating lifestlye by giving them more choices when deciding on places to eat, places to shop and weekend getaways to enjoy. If that sounds good to you, then this website is for you.

When using our wesite, you'll notice that our major offerings are sectioned off into multiple differrent modules such as, Discover NYC Restaurants and Shop The Internet Mall. These two sections are part of our Entertainment Directory and they were primarily designed for: - Individuals who are in the dating stages of their relationships. - Couples who are looking for new restaurants to explore. - People who make decisons based on the reviews of others. - Individuals who want to shop at exclusive stores & boutiques. - People who want to browse through e-commerce websites. - & Couples who want to get the most value from their vacations. To further help active couples get the most out of their "dating life", we've created a restaurant review video channel, where we conduct Q&A interviews with real couples speaking about their recent restaurant experiences. If you want to preview a past episode, please go to our YouTube page or click on the "review" button inside of The Discover New York City Resctuarant section. Our hopes is that each video will help couples decide if that restaurant is worth going to on their next upcoming date.

Next are our business to buisness modules which are designed to help our potential business partners reach new consumers through different modes of marketing. This section is best suited for: - Restaurant Owners. - E-Commerce Brands. - Advertising Agencies. - & Social Media Influencers at all stages of their career. If you have a business that you feel will benefit our community, please reach out to us through our Business Center seection or our Media Kit pages.

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