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Book Weekend Trips & Local Getaways

Book Weekend Trips & Local Getaways

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this website special?

By categorizing each website into a filtered section, we were able to make searching the internet easier, faster and more enjoyable. We took these enhancements one step further and doubled down on improving the user's experience. Our goal was to create an enviorment that made searching for information fun and interactive.

What is is a search directory that focuses on helping couples; Find New Restaurants - Buy High-End Products - Book Short-Term Vacations and Experience Unique Dating Activites through Exploring City Tours. You can explore each of these categories by clicking on the labeled tab at the top of our header or at the footer of each webpage.

Who can benefit the most from using this website. provides benefits for two specific groups of people. The everyday user and the buisness owner. When referring to the everyday user, we have classified them as any individuals who are searching the internet to accomplish a goal such as finding a new restaurant to visit or looking for high-end store that sells Women's Handbags. To further identify all the people who will get the most use out of this website, we have complied a short list of social alliances along with our respective modules. Discover New York - Foodies - - Women who are Dating - - Men who are Dating - - Married Women - - Married Men - - All Ethnicities - - NYC Residents - - Tourist - The Internet Mall - High-End Shoppers - - Men who are looking for stores in specific categories - - Women who are looking for stores in specific categories - - Parents - - Window shoppers - - Long lookers - - Boutique Buyers - - Impulse buyers - Unique Dating Ideas - Men who are Dating - - Women who are Dating - - Married Men - - Married Women - - Travelers - - Tourist - As for our Businesses Owners, we have classified them as any retail based business with an active website. As an advertising agency, offers different opportunities to various businesses so that they can promtote their products to our audience. These are the business types which assimilate best within our business structure. - Restaurant Owners - - E-Commerce Brands - - Website Owners - - Advertising Agency's - - UGC Creators - - Social Media Influencers - If you fall within these groups and you would like to advise just shoot us an email and we will send you your options. *Business owners please take note. We are currently interviewing Brands to become long term product sponsors for our free gift giveaways for our in-person promotions. Title "Product Sponsor" in the subject line.

Why should a person use this website?

We've done the hard work. We've searched the internet for it's hidden gems and we've found most of them past page 32. We've made your internet journy simplier by enabling easy access to major searching terms. We've customized our web layout to enhance your enjoyability. We've also added a social proofing element by showcasing everyday couples taling about their dating prefences, their favorite restaurants and what products they desire most.

Who is

We are a small team trying to do big things and we believe with hard work, determination & a little bit of luck, we can break through the internet's algorithm and compete along side the mega sites such as, Google, Yahoo & Bing. We're not to proud to say please or to arrogant to believe we can do this all by ourselves. So with our ego set aside, we are humbly asking you to help us grow to 1,000,000 followers. All we need you to do is,.. complete (one) of the following actions below 

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