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Business Center Section//Influencer

We help businesses grow using our Video Marketing Platform.

Welcome to the world of online advertising. Here at the Business Center, we connect Restaurant and E-Commerce brands with Social Media Influencers using our video review platform.

We do so by streamlining the expectation process on all sides to ensure fairness, transparency and tangible results. Inside of

the Business Center Section you will gain access to the Restaurant/E-Commerce job boards where you

can search through all of the available offers.


As an influencer you will be contracted on a per diem basis to provide video feedback on select products and restaurants. In most cases these items will be compensated in the form

of gifts, loans and set reimbursement amounts. 

Each job accepted will reward you with financial compensation along with bonus opportunities for the amount of times your video is shared within its first 48 hours of release.

With the attention you receive from each video submitted, your audience size will grow. The community can view your public profile page where you will have the opportunity to connect your personal website along with your other social media channels.


Essentially, you can use our Influencer program as another traffic method to self promote your brand. 


This is a win-win for the Restaurant Owners as they will receive a video review from a person who has influence

within the NYC area.


This is a win-win for the E-Commerce Brands as they will receive an honest assessment to the actual workings of their product.


This is a win-win for the Influencers as they have consistent job opportunities as well as the ability to self promote. 

This is a win-win for the customer as they will get professional reviews from people who care about what others think.


If you have received a personal invitation to join this program, then there are two things to note while considering.

First, there is no guarantee that you will get any job you apply for. There are many people vying for the same opportunities, especially when it comes down to people

getting paid to eat and speak.

Secondly, the payment that is received from is for the video that has been submitted and unfortunately you cannot delete the original file as it will be reproduced on all of our other social media channels as well as submitted back to the vendor that you've reviewed.


With that said, if you are a Social Media Influencer or you would like to become a Social Media Influencer, please click the button below to register as an Influencer.

Coming Soon!

Restaurant Online Strategy Guide 

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