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Restaurant Online Strategy Guide 

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We help businesses grow using our Video Marketing Platform.

One day you decided to open up a restaurant because you believed your cooking was good enough to be sold, or you felt that there was a location based need for your food services.

And by all accounts, you were probably right.

But how did a person know your restaurant even existed let alone confident enough to give your cuisine a try. And why did that person finally say yes to walking in, sitting down, and ordering something from your menu?

Well, here are some possible reasons why;

  • You chose the right location.

We've all heard the saying right place-right time. Well it worked! You chose the right place and people found you.​​

  • Someone referred you.

There's no better endorsement than word of mouth. People trust people they know.​

  • Someone reacted to a positive review.

It seems that you've made a good impression along the way. Keep it up!​​

  • Someone saw your advertisement.

Good job! Your message contained an effective call to action and the customer responded. Now you must do it again but this time, at scale! 


Implementing any one of these strategies will always be a good idea if you want your business to grow, but we believe there's one key metric that out rules them all.

"A subliminal promise that satisfies a customer's wants & needs."

This could come in the form of your brands appearance. i.e. colors of your logo, positioning of your storefront's signage. Or it could be as simple as your waiter walking by the window with a smile on his face.


Just like a riddle, the subliminal promise is often found in the smallest detail and generally hidden in plain sight. Even the customer doesn't know what it is or where it is, but once they spot it, their sub-conscious instantaneously recognizes it.


Their brain processes this promise and a new desire is formed.


"A desire to satisfy their curiosity."


But satisfying a person's curiosity at the information stage is where most restaurants fail!

The good news is, we are going to give you the formula to create happy customers at the information stage. Plus we are going to tell you the secret to satisfying their curiosity. Thus gaining more focused attention, which in turn equals more restaurant goers.


Now the answers might seem blatantly obvious but we assure you, many restaurants still get this wrong.

  • Customers are expecting great food.

So give it to them!

  • Customers are expecting a quality environment.

So give it to them!​

  • Customers are expecting great customer service.

So give it to them!​

  • Customer are expecting to receive good value for their money.

So give it to them!


Give them so much value for what they've experienced that they feel they've under paid you and now walking away with a favorable deal. 

That's all there is to it! The keys to creating a happy customer.

Give your potential customers what they want

before they want it.

And now for the icing on the cake. Here's the secret sauce to satisfying their curiosity and making them excited enough to

recommend your restaurant to their family, friends and strangers.

  • You must wow them! 

  • You must excite them!

  • You must under promise and over deliver! 

  • You must feed their curiosity with more things to be curious of.

And if you do this correctly, we promise you that you will win their hearts. But this strategy doesn't start at the moment they're sitting down. It starts at the moment when they've first reached your website with a request for more information.

So listen up my fellow restaurant owners.

Here are a few tips for creating a great website experience worthy of satisfying a customer's curiosity for more information.

  • Customers want your website to have an easy navigational flow with clear call to action buttons.

So give it to them!

  • Customers want your website to provide relevant information, (i.e. your address, a clickable phone number, directions.)

So give it to them!

  • Customers want your website to display your menu with associated prices.

So give it to them!

  • Customers want your website to showcase pictures and videos of your restaurant's food dishes and atmosphere.

So give it to them!

But remember, you must WOW them. You must capture their curiosity with more things to be curious of. You must give them all these things within your website's structure leaving only the feeling of a real experiences to be enjoyed.

And with that said, here's how can

help your restaurant business grow. 

We can help you

 rebrand your website and online presence

with your customer in mind.

We can help you

with promotional suggestions

to increase your customer retention.

We can help you

get professional video reviews

for your cuisines.

We can help you

get video reviews

from your existing clientele.

We can help you 

get your online stats and data points

from your online traffic.

We can help you

establish or maintain your social media presence.

We can help you

connect with social media influencers.

We can help you

increase your websites traffic

which in turn will increase your online reservations.


we can help grow your brand and

achieve your pre-set goals.

We can help you in lots of other ways too, but before we talk about how our paid marketing options can help your company, you must first create a free business profile listing.


It's easy to do and with this feature enabled you will be able to;

  • Claim or establish a new business listing on our Restaurant Directory Page.

  • Edit your restaurant's profile picture and get inside access to the inner workings of our Business Center Section.

  • Browse through our marketing packages and select the best options to suit your needs.

If your ready to begin then click the button below!

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