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Dating advise from people around the world.

Hello everyone, my name is Huxley Hughes and this blog is a collection of dating recommendations to help both men and women have longer lasting-more exciting and fulfilled relationships. Over the past few years I've made my share fair share of dating mistakes. Some were unavoidable due to the simple inexperiences of youth and some were just silly, stupid and totally my fault. I'll attribute those mistakes to arrogance, selfishness and being self-centered. Lastly, I've made most of my bigest dating mistakes because I was focused on the wrong things and did not take the advise of others. So after hitting rock bottom I decided to take a different approach to dating. I decided to listen to the older-wiser people who said "I've have been there and I've done that." I decided to have an open mind and become willing to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Most importantly, I decided to put the other person first and now I'm happy to report that I'm in a successful relationship and having the best time of my life. Throughout this blog I will share all of my personal stories about my many pitfalls as well as my many triumphs. I will also share the stories of others so that you may learn from their mistakes and ultimatemaly have better outcomes then if you were to wing it on your own to see what happends. For the record, it's always better to plan ahead then it is to plan to fail. Enjoy the read and tell me if the solutions that were presented worked for you.

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